Hello Professor Sean Luke!

Thank you for the instructions on external library iText.   I have managed
to compile the entire ECJ with the Java 1.5 options.  I am left with just a
handful of deprecated warning messages.   I am pleased.   I feel that I have
a working base to start from.   I will check it in into my CVS project.

While being fully aware of your busy schedule, I would like to ask you if
you could comment on the following points:

1.      What type of computer infrastructure do you use for your huge
evolution experiments?

2.      Can you describe briefly a typical huge evolution experiment?

3.      Have you ever looked into grid computing infrastructure?   What is
your general feeling of grid computing for evolution experiments?

4.      You talked about some type of error that slipped into your software
that could have been intercepted by a testing framework.  Can you expand on
that?   I would like to understand your problems to address them as

Professor Luke, I would be interested to know your recommendations, your
suggestions on the issues that you wish I would address first.   Your
experience with ECJ is a valuable base for me to borrow from.

Colbert Philippe