On Oct 27, 2005, at 1:57 AM, Colbert Philippe wrote:

> What is the package:   com.lowagie.text.Document  ?  Where can I
> can the
> entire  "lowagie"  library?

As mentioned in the documentation, the most recent version of ECJ
includes charting code which relies on external libraries: iText and
JFreeChart.  The package you're looking for is in iText.

ECJ's charting facility does not have to be built: it is self-
contained in the display directory, and can be removed just as the
teambots directory can be removed.

> P.S.  Based on this initial compilation of ECJ on my machine which
> is an
> older, less expansive model AMD 2400 with 512 Megabytes and running
> WindowsXP, the compilation with ANT as is takes much under 10 seconds.

On my Powerbook G4/800 (!), compilation of ECJ with make and jikes
takes under 3 seconds.