Hello Professor Luke!

Please, let me know if you can give me a more recent version of ECJ so I can
branc off of it   I can wait a little bit if you have some finishing touches
to do to it.

In the meantime, I am practicing to compile the SourceForge version of ECJ.
My first attempt at compiling it using Java 1.5 went relatively well.   Most
of the files compile.  I am getting only 13 errors and 32 warnings.  Which
brings my first question.

What is the package:   com.lowagie.text.Document  ?  Where can I can the
entire  "lowagie"  library?

P.S.  Based on this initial compilation of ECJ on my machine which is an
older, less expansive model AMD 2400 with 512 Megabytes and running
WindowsXP, the compilation with ANT as is takes much under 10 seconds.
It's hard to say exactly because I have error messages.  I suspect that once
all errors and warning have been fixed the entire ECJ will compile around 6
seconds on my machine.   Imagine what it could be with a brand new 64-bit

I simply don't understand people who say that ANT is slow.   It's fantastic
considering that my setup references a great number of open-source libraries