As some of you know, I am starting a branch-off of ECJ.  This branch-off
will be totally managed by me Colbert Philippe.  I am dedicated to offer
an up-to-date and reliable version of ECJ.  I am not tied to legacy work.
I like to use the latest Java features to make the software and the
process more efficient.  I am not motivated by a specific experiment.
Rather, I want to create a universal, production level framework, which
should be reliable and testable among other things.   I also want the
framework to run on personal computers (Windows and LINUX) and to have an
option to run on Grid Servers where power and parallelism are plenty.  I
will have a complete step-by-step on how to do this.

I would like to put-in some test harness into my version of ECJ right
now.   I will probably use the testing framework called TestNG  which is
newer and easier to than Junit (an evolution of Junit).  TestNG allows the
user to write test cases in an XML file to be fed to the isolated software
unit.   You can have as many test cases as needed (even in the
thousands).  There are obviously many places that could use some testing.
I would like to start slowing and orderly.   I want to put it where it
counts the most.   This is where you can help me.  I want to satisfy
myself that indeed ECJ performs the fundamental genetic algorithms
properly (as specified).

My initial inclination is to putting unit-testing around operations of
individuals of a population.   Operations such as:

- Reading parameter file to creating an entire population from
specifications in the parameter file
- creating an individual with tree chromosome
- deleting
- cloning (all different types of cloning)
- crossover and mutation (if present)
- creating an entire population from specifications in the parameter file

If you have any more ideas, please let me know.  I am open to suggestions
and ideas.  Please, give a bit of justification to put me in context.

Colbert Philippe