If you are going to use sourceforge, you have a very easy option.

Only give write access to trusted developers, or developers who have agreed
to certain preset rules.

For instance I contribute to the joone project, (java neural networks), and
the package maintainer requires that all commits have a descriptive comment,
and that nothing be changed that would break backwards compatibility. If a
bug is fixed, it must be entered into the bug list before commiting. If you
break the rules you get booted from the commit permissions list.

So when you put ECJ into sourceforge, if a developer breaks the source tree
and you have to roll back in CVS, you could implement a rule that they be
banned if it happens too many times.

Just as you currently request that people notify you when they are going to
use ECJ, it is just as polite that people have to ask to be able to commit.

-Travis Silvers

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>On Sat, 22 Oct 2005, T. S. wrote:
> > I too would like to be able to submit some small changes and additions
> > ECJ. It would be great if we could all work on changes together using a
> > public CVS tree, and final changes could be approved before committing.
>You will be happy to hear that we're working on moving ECJ to sourceforge.
>I'm not sure how we'll handle public contributions (we've always done it
>informally, gladly taking contributions and thinking about how to roll
>them in); perhaps a contrib distribution in addition to the ECJ core, I