Robert, we'll take a look at the code changes you suggested and examine
how to incorporate them.  Thanks very much!  Three minor items just in
case (I've not examined the code yet):

- The lead in the charting and GUI code is Sean Paus, whom I've cc:ed
as I'm not sure if he's on the toolkit list yet.  Feel free to contact
him directly and discuss more specific issues codewise.

- The charting code was written in such a way as to make it possible to
compile and use the GUI *without* having JFreeChart or iText installed
-- the charting would just not show.  This was done largely by not
having any symbols referencing the code showing up in the main Console
and display code.  We need to try to keep this feature intact.

- RAR files can't be uncompressed by Mac users (my group is nearly
universally Mac and linux users) without an external third-party
application.  Generally we tend to prefer .tar.gz if possible, and .zip
in a pinch.  No biggie.