Sean - let me know if this is something I could come to.
Thanks, Randy Latimer

> Mark you calendars for next Monday!  We're hoping to release a major
> upgrade to ECJ prior to GECCO, and may soon have a new version of MASON
> as well.  As part of the release, I thought we might have a first-ever
> ECJ and MASON user's meeting.
> What:   ECJ user's get-together (the toolkit, not the journal)
> Also:   MASON users (the toolkit, not the university :-)
> When:   Monday, July 27, in the 6-6:30 time range.
> Where:  GECCO 2005, meeting location (likely dinner) at this point
> undefined.
>                 I will post a final announcement on the conference's
> message board
>                 and send a revised email message.
> As past GECCO attendees well know :-) I have a reputation for finding
> good restaurants.  And DC is my turf!  So if you're an ECJ/MASON user,
> come have fun.  We'll talk for a while about where ECJ's going, what
> you'd like to see in it, and grab a bite to eat.
> Sean