I download the Mason from your webpage and zip it to C:/appl/Mason.
Then I run the mason/start/mason.bat. And add the directory to the
However, I went to the C:\appl\Mason\mason\sim\app\tutorial1and2
directory. I run the command such as javac The system
generates the following error:

C:\appl\Mason\mason\sim\app\tutorial1and2>javac cannot access sim.engine.Steppable
bad class file: C:\appl\Mason\mason\sim\engine\Steppable.class
class file contains wrong class: Mason.sim.engine.Steppable
Please remove or make sure it appears in the correct subdirectory of
the classpa
public class CA implements Steppable
1 error

Could you help me to setup my coding environment? I run it in windows

Thank you
Best Regards
Le Zhang