Sean Luke wrote:
> Right.  But remember that most of the utility Steppables (MultiStep,
> Sequence, ParallelSequence, RandomSequence, WeakStep, etc.) are our
> attempt to handle the 90% most common needs with some pre-built
> Steppable classes that we found useful.  There's nothing special about
> them.

Yes.  I understand.  That's why I didn't suggest Candy use RandomSequence.

> Note that you have to be careful here because if the Bag does not
> contain Steppables, you'll get a ClassCastException.  Also, if you
> change the Bag from within the step() method of something in the
> BagSequence, it'd effect the for-loop of the step() method in
> BagSequence in ways that you'd have to think carefully about.

Thanks for the code example.  Since most of my structures are dynamic
and are altered during the iteration of the schedule, the safety of the
collection will usually matter.  So, I typically prefer to schedule
individual Steppables.  I use the composite Steppables sparingly.

Thanks to you and the rest of the Mason crowd for your efforts.  I
appreciate them.

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