I have downloaded the new version and made it as a Jbuilder project. To
compile the entire ec package, a number of required packages needed,
such as jfreechart, EDU.gath...., I wonder that you have had those
required packages somewhere. Otherwise we have to download them one by



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Subject: ECJ 13 Released

[GECCO attendees: if you see me at the conference, ping me and I can
give you a copy directly via USB flash drive]

ECJ 13 has been released by the George Mason University Evolutionary
Computation Laboratory (ECLab).  ECJ is an evolutionary computation
facility written in Java, designed to be portable, highly flexible and
orthogonal, and fast.  ECJ has a very large set of EC features,
including an extensive GP facility.

As is appropriate for the unlucky number 13, this version is the single
biggest update to ECJ in a half-decade.  We're crossing our fingers!
:-) Much of this effort is due to Sean Paus, whom we thank.  New to ECJ:

- GUI with charting
- Master/Slave massively-parallel evaluation
- multiple-jobs facilities
- considerable simplification of various packages
- new parsimony pressure methods
- retooling of ECJ's internals to allow for complete modularization
        (in theory, ECJ could run as an applet)

Download ECJ:
Mailing List:

Sean Luke
George Mason University