> Ive a problem compiling ECJ: javac -O *.java */*.java */*/*.java
> */*/*/*.java produces an invalid flag on -o. If I compile without the
> -o, I
> get a bunch of errors such as:
> teambots/ package
> does no
> t exist
> or
> teambots/ cannot resolve symbol
> symbol  : class ControlSystemS
> location: class ec.teambots.EvolvedControlSystem
> public class EvolvedControlSystem extends ControlSystemS
> finishing with:
> Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.
> Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
> 73 errors

Did you try "make"?  The errors you report are from a special module of
ECJ that requires the Teambots library, which you may not have

> Finally if I try java ec.Evolve -file app/sum/sum.params, I get the
> following:
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: ec/Evolve
> Im using Mandrake 10.2. It might be only one small problem but I
> dont have
> much clue about how to solve it. So I would be very grateful if anyone
> could
> give me some advice...

Is it possible that the CLASSPATH is not set appropriately?