The results should always be exactly the same for the same set of
parameters.  So for different results, you just change the parameters.
  If you want to change the random number seed to, say, 1234 , you can
do it by adding the parameter


Alternatively you can set the seed to be based on the current wall
clock time and hence always different, with the string 'time', as in:



On Apr 26, 2005, at 8:57 PM, Orlando Karam wrote:

> Hi
> I'm wondering how to initialize the Random Number Generator, so that
> the GA
> behaves differently every time it is run with the same parameter file.
> I'm playing with tutorial 1, and if I run it twice, it generates the
> exact
> same statistics !! I would expect that every run is different, since
> the GA
> is stochastic
> Is there anything specific I should do ? Is it in the parameters file ?
> Orlando Karam