MASON has been updated.  This was a big update, and lots of things
could have broken in our getting the right stuff into the right places.
  I would appreciate any sanity checks you can provide; if you see
something wrong, I will modify it quickly.  Here are the big items:

1. MASON 8 has been released.  This is the last discrete schedule
version of MASON, and it has a lot of improvements.

2. MASON 9 has been released as well.  This is MASON 8 with additional
modifications to move to the new real-valued schedule, plus a new
main() loop mechanism that is much simpler.

3. Version 0 of the MASON Social Networks package has been released.
This version will only run with MASON 9, though you can get it to work
with MASON 8 with small modifications mentioned in its README.

4. The web page now includes links to small pages with various projects
currently being done with MASON.  If you'd like to add your project to
this collection, copy the basic template HTML of one of the pages,
modify the text, and add at LEAST a screenshot.  A movie or an applet
is welcome.