Peter, ECJ's GP module was designed for fixed-arity GP nodes and fixed
number of trees, but rarely makes that assumption (to my knowledge)
specifically because I intended ECJ to be reasonably easily hackable to
handle the situation.  I still think it's quite hackable in that

-       [log in to unmask]     was looking into doing
architecture-altering operations last year.  You might ping him to see
what he did.

-       Sean Paus ([log in to unmask]) has been modifying ECJ to a new version
we're going to release soon.  One modification is to get rid of ECJ's
globals, including where the function sets etc. are stored.  You might
talk with him if you go ahead and make modifications so as to be
certain that once the new version of ECJ is out, you can easily port

-       I'm always interested in talking about how to do extensions, and am
willing to make suggestions about how to de-uglify them.


On Feb 24, 2005, at 9:36 AM, Peter Day wrote:

> I have recently made the transition from my own C++ toolkit to ECJ (and
> Java!) and I was wondering if anyone had any code for the creation and
> deltion on ADF branches at runtime?
> Also, the addition / creation of nodes at runtim (I have got this
> working but it is ugly!!).
> Thanks,
> Peter Day
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