On Dec 15, 2004, at 4:22 AM, Rob Alexander wrote:

>> However it complicates the distinction between steps (ticks) and time.
> Sorry, I don't understand quite what you mean. Going from discrete-time
> to discrete events complicates real-time running and visualisation but
> I
> don't see what effect just moving to a real-valued schedule has.

Just this: if you have previously been building simulations on the
assumption that steps==time, you'll have problems.  Where that is most
likely to crop up is running the main() loop or outputting statistics
tied to ticks.  These are pretty easy things to change though.  The #1
problem with going to a real-valued schedule is that it is somewhat
slower.  Most of our simulations have seen a 3%-5% hit.  This is
probably acceptable for most people however, I'd imagine.