On Dec 21, 2004, at 6:43 AM, thomas kurz wrote:

> i am new in applying ECJ and try to adapt tutorial 2 (integer problem)
> to our needs. i want to change the mutation rate and maybe also other
> parameters during the running optimization. could anybody give me a
> hint?

Thomas, there are an awful lot of ways to modify ECJ's parameters at
runtime: I will just give an example, so let us know if this is in the
direction you were hoping for.  Let's just directly modify tutorial2 as
the example.

In tutorial2 we use a parameter in the species called
species.mutationProbability (line 76 of
Let's say you wanted to adjust that from 0 to 1 across 100 generations.
  One easy way to do this is to create a new Breeder.

import ec.*;
import ec.vector.*;
import ec.simple.*;
public class MyBreeder extends SimpleBreeder
        public Population breedPopulation(final EvolutionState state)
                throws CloneNotSupportedException
                // the generation flag is incremented AFTER breeding,
                // so we can go ahead and do this first.  We presume            // it's just
one population using a VectorSpecies
                // subclass of some kind.

                float prob = state.generation / 100.0f;
                if (prob > 1.0f) prob = 1.0f;

                        = prob;

                // now continuing with our regular program
                return super.breedPopulation(state);

Now you just have to hook MyBreeder in.  Add this to your parameters,
overriding the old one:

breed = MyBreeder