I have set up a gp problem in a very similar way to the examples in the
package.  The individual pieces of code compile without errors.  When I try
to run the code I get the following error:

Threads:  breed/1 eval/1
Seed: 4357
Setting up
Processing GP Types
Processing GP Node Constraints
Processing GP Function Sets
Exception in thread "main" ec.util.ParamClassLoadException:
Class not found: ec.app.automation.func.X
PARAMETER: gp.fs.0.func.0

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ec.app.automation.func.X
        at ec.util.ParameterDatabase.getInstanceForParameter
        at ec.gp.GPFunctionSet.setup(GPFunctionSet.java:284)
        at ec.gp.GPFunctionSet.setupFunctionSets(GPFunctionSet.java:142)
        at ec.gp.GPInitializer.setup(GPInitializer.java:61)
        at ec.EvolutionState.setup(EvolutionState.java:324)
        at ec.simple.SimpleEvolutionState.run(SimpleEvolutionState.java:63)
        at ec.Evolve.main(Evolve.java:424)


The folder ('automation') containing the problem and the functions is
stored in ec\app\.  X is a terminal function located in
ec\app\automation\func.  I believe that the parameter class X is not being
found, but am not sure why.

Any help on the matter would be great.

Thanks a lot,