Is there a recommended way to dynamically remove specific Steppable
objects from the schedule?  I don't remember seeing any discussion of
this in the tutorials and none of the schedule methods seem to enable
single object removal.  I want to be able to treat 'dead agents' as
such.   Right now, I simply check a boolean to see whether a steppable
instance is alive or not at the beginning of the step().  For low
numbers of steppables and time steps, this is reasonable solution, but
for long runs and large numbers of steppables it may add undesirable
overhead via the main model, graphs/charts, etc.   I am dynamically
removing Steppables from a SparseGrid2D.

Web tutorial 1 (how to use JFree) is excellent and got me off the
ground quickly.  Perhaps you could update the tutorial to reflect a
newer release and the fact that the class hierarchy has changed a
little.  For example, the import statement in the section "Adding a
line chart to the model" should now read:

Tony Bigbee