On Oct 21, 2004, at 9:08 AM, Randy Latimer wrote:

> Looks like the "About" portions are blank (?)  Does this "About"
> information exist?  If not, maybe the students here can research the
> background of these projects on the applet page, and write up "About"
> backgrounds. These background descriptions can be sent to you, and
> added
> to the applet.

Fixed!  We weren't including the index.html files in the jar-making
Makefile.  Oops!

I'm all for various writeups.  Note that though I'd like external links
in the HTML (see Flockers for example), you'll only be able to click on
them if you're running MASON as an application due to security
restrictions in Java's applet model.  Research into the *specific*
migration rule that Schelling had in his original paper would be cool
too.  Try ``