Yes, I'm running a Windows 2000 Professional box. The output file has no
blank line at the beginning, but the error occurred.

Is there any way to make it work under Windows?


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This nearly always happens if you have a blank line at the beginning of
your file (the files must be *exactly* as written out).  One other
possibility is that this is a problem being caused by Windows -- the
example works fine under Linux and MacOS X, where I tested it, but I
don't have a Windows box to test under.

I know the following works fine on MacOS X:  use the Finisher code I
provided and try:

cd app/regression/
java ec.Evolve -file noerc.params

This will write out the file "example.log".  Then you can load that
file as:

java ec.Evolve -file noerc.params -p pop.subpop.0.file=example.log


On Jul 24, 2004, at 4:58 AM, #TA NGUYEN BINH DUONG# wrote:

> I've done as instructed, but when I use the output log file as the
> input file for this parameter: pop.subpop.0.file = <filename>, I got
> the error:
> Reading Line 2: Bad 'Evaluated?' line.