Hi Everyone,

I'm working on a project closely related to the Karl Sims evolved
creatures work (interesting paper at and would love to use
ECJ to do the evolution of the nervous system of the creatures. However,
the issue I'm running into is that the ECJ GP system seems to be really
geared towards a static problem in the sense that the number of
terminals or inputs is fixed with the problem definition, and you create
java classes for each of them and so on. My problem is that if we
consider a sensor that one of these creatures might have on an appendage
to be an input into the nervous system then you can see how the number
of terminals for the problem will vary for each creature, as each
creature's body type can be quite different.

So my question: Is there a way to programatically build the constraints
and terminals that are now specified in the parameter file?

Thanks for any assistance or advice, I'd be happy to provide more
information if the above is unclear.