4 in the morning - what dedication!

Thanks for the information.  The reason I _think_ I need to do it this
way is that I require a variable number of terminal types depending on
what the creature looks like.  This I believe is a consequence of me
needing each sensor to be a terminal with it's own individual value,
there's no way to make one terminal type that could represent any
particular individual sensor is there?

Am I even making any sense?



Sean Luke wrote:

> Matt, ECJ can indeed change its function set mid-run.  I believe you
> should be able to just extend (replace with a bigger one) the array in
> GPFunctionSet.nodes_h.get(returnType)  and then call
> GPFunctionSet.postProcessFunctionSet() to rebuild the arrays.  Don't
> quote me on that; it's 4 in the morning (EST -- I'm still at GECCO).
> ECJ can also change its constraints and types mid-run as well.
> However, I'm somewhat a loss as to why you'd need to do any of this
> given the description you gave below.  ECJ uses tree-based GP; why
> would this not be able to have an arbitrary number of terminals?
> They're just leaf nodes in the tree.
> Sean