[Bcc:ed to a few people I figured might have interest in this]

I have posted MASON version 5 to

Relatively little of Version 5 is incompatible with Version 3, so you
should have few problems porting.  If you do get weird results, I'd be
interested in knowing them.  Version 4 of the software was given to
various people at the SwarmFest 2004 conference.  If you were one of
those people, I recommend upgrading to version 5.

In conjunction with this release, we're hoping to post links to stuff
you may have done which has used MASON:

        - research papers
        - research projects
        - code examples and extensions
        - class homework assignments
        - demos

I know the toolkit is fairly new, but it's worth a shot.  If you can't
provide code, then a snapshot or movie, or a link to a relevant site
would be welcome.  Also, if we could have a copy of any papers
published, it'd be helpful.  Please consider posting your work!  Drop
me a line regarding this.  We'll be putting several of our own things
up as well.