Norman, the python code is very interesting.  Please send it along.
I'm about to release Version 4 of MASON (probably tonight), and with it
I'm adding some stuff to the web page.  I'll send out a request for
comment in a little while.

As to bean properties:  One of the odd features MASON has in its
properties mechanism is that if an object implements the method "Object
propertiesProxy()", then the properties system will use that object's
bean properties instead of the original object's properties.  We added
this so that you could restrict which properties you wanted MASON to
display.  I wonder if it might help you in another aspect -- I don't
know how Jython handles Java bindings, but perhaps the Jython class
could implement a propertiesProxy() method which points to a more
appropriate object?

Alternatively, if there's a standard API to access Jython functions
from Java, we might think about how we could check for the existence of
such an API and call the appropriate method.  Suggestions?


On May 17, 2004, at 4:45 PM, Norman Josephy wrote:

> I would be glad to share my Python code with anyone. I am
> particularly interested in beginning to develop a Python
> style for model-building using the mason library, and
> would be grateful for constructive (or even sarcastic)
> critism of the Python code. For example, I have exposed
> all of the Java inner classes as classes on the same
> level as the model and agent classes.