I have previously used ECJ and MASON together, and it is quite
straightforward.  In my approach, I created a new class that extended
GPProblem (I wanted to used GP), and it contained a MASON simulation as
a member.  A new instance of the simulation was created at each
evaluation.  One of the parameters for constructing the simulation was
the GPIndividual.  This parameter was then passed forward to the agents
in the simulation.  Therefore, at each time step (or whenever the
agents in the simulation were invoked to do their stuff), they had a
pointer to the GPIndividual that needed to be evaluated, and took their
decisions based on this individual.  During the simulation, I was
collecting various data used to assess the fitness.

Unfortunately, the code used some preliminary version of the MASON
simulator, and needs small tweaks to compile with the new version.
Plus, it is poorly commented.  However, I could send it to you as an



On Tuesday, April 6, 2004, at 09:17  AM, Morten Revsbæk wrote:

> Hi
> I would like to take individuals from ECJ and turn them into agents in
> a
> mason simulation so that the fitness of each individual in ECJ is based
> upon how well they perform in the mason simulation. Does anyone know of
> any good way to combine ECJ and MASON in this way or maybe a pointer to
>  some litterature describing this?
> Regards
> --Morten Revsbæk