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EC-DIGEST-L  February 2019

EC-DIGEST-L February 2019


EC-Digest v33n1


Eric 'Siggy' Scott <[log in to unmask]>


Evolutionary Computation Digest <[log in to unmask]>


Mon, 18 Feb 2019 17:09:08 -0500





text/plain (405 lines)

Evolutionary Computation Digest — Monday, 18 February 2019, Volume 33: Issue 1

SUBMISSION ADDRESS: [log in to unmask]

(UN)SUBSCRIPTION INSTRUCTIONS: at the bottom of this email

Today's Topics:

Note: the EC-Digest has been on an unintended hiatus for several
months—my apologies to authors who are seeing announcements they
submitted a long time ago only appear just now! —The EC-Digest Editor

 - ECJ v26 Released
 - "Evolution is the New Deep Learning" website
 - 03 March: Full UK PhD scholarships in evolutionary computation/
computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research/
 - 31 March: Post-doc position on decomposition-based multi-objective
optimization (1+1 year, Lille, France)

 CFPs (with submission deadline)
 - 03 March: CfP SOCO 2019 - 3rd Int. Workshop on Self-Organised
Construction, IEEE FAS*
 - 15 March: ICNC-FSKD & ICHSA 2019 Submissions Extended
 - 03 April: Workshop on Landscape-Aware Heuristic Search @GECCO2019
 - 05 June: [GECCO 2019] Call For Entries for 16th Annual (2019) "Humies" Awards


24–26 April, 2019, Leipzig, Germany: EvoStar 2019

10–13 June, 2019, Wellington, New Zealand: CEC 2019

13–17 July, 2019, Prague, Czech Republic: GECCO 2019

26–29 August, 2019, Potsdam, Germany: FOGA 2019

Sender: "Eric 'Siggy' Scott" <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: ECJ v26 Released

ECJ version 26 is released. This release includes the following new
features and fixes:

 * ECJ can now be built with Apache Maven, automatically downloading
 * Added AMaLGaM
 * Added NSGA-III
 * Added PBIL
 * Added a hypervolume metric for multi-objective optimization
 * Added an experimental macro mechanism to ECJ's ParameterDatabase system.
 * Fixed some significant population model bugs that were introduced
during the refactoring that was done in the previous release of ECJ.
 * The beginnings of a JUnit test harness are now included.

You can download a tarball of the distribution from ECJ's home page,
or clone its GitHub repository.

Sender: Risto Miikkulainen <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: EC research website

Sentient's EC research team recently published a website called
"Evolution is the New Deep Learning." In short: the same way deep
learning benefited from big compute, evolutionary computation now can
too---it can thereby advance machine creativity, including improving
deep learning through neuroevolution. We are showcasing five new papers,
but the fun part is that there are also 11 animated demos and three
interactive demos. The demos should make the technology particularly
accessible and inspiring!

The website is at (there’s
also a blog post that introduces it at ). Let
us know what you think!

Sender: Nguyen, Trung Thanh <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: Full UK PhD scholarships in evolutionary computation/
computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research/

Thanks to an arisen opportunity, we at the Operational Research (OR)
group, Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom) may be able
to offer a small number of PhD scholarships (full or tuition-fees-only
depending on the quality of the candidate).

There are two types of scholarships:
- The ones for UK/EU/settled students:
o Deadline 3rd March. Results to be known by end of March.
o provide full tuition fees for three years and,
o living expenses + running cost cover of about £16,500 each
year (to be determined) for 3 years
o students have to enrol in Sept-Oct 2019
o Brexit will not have any impact on these scholarships

- The ones for international students:
o Provide about £20,000 each year (to be determined). Students
can use this amount to pay toward their tuition fees and living
o If the successful candidate joins one of the projects
currently being run by the OR group, he/she may get additional
scholarships depending on research performance and level of

Regarding research topic, any area in evolutionary computation/
computational intelligence/data analytics/ operations research would
be acceptable. However, I would prefer a topic that relates to one of
our existing projects, which are in the following areas:
- OR techniques to study/mitigate the impact of climate change
on transportation. For example, we have a project (with Merseyrail and
Network Rail) on using data analytics and optimisation to anticipate
and mitigate the impact of leaves falling on train tracks.
- Evolutionary computation or meta-heuristics
- OR/data analytics applications in rail, in partnership with
Merseyrail, Network Rail, and Rail Delivery Group
- OR applications in maritime, in partnership with UK, EU and
overseas ports
- OR applications in sustainable transportation, e.g. bicycle,
e-bikes, walking, buses, emission/congestion reduction etc., in
partnership with local authorities and transport authorities (e.g. the
ones in Liverpool and Manchester)
- OR applications in logistics (e.g. bin packing, vehicle
routing etc.) in partnership with logistics companies, especially
those in airports, ports, and manufacturing plants (especially those
in Liverpool).
- OR applications in manufacturing, in partnership with car
manufacturers e.g. Vauxhall and Jaguar Land Rover.
Interested candidates please contact Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen
[log in to unmask] with your full CV and transcripts. It is
important that interested candidates contact me ASAP to ensure that we
can prepare your applications in the best way to maximise your chance
before the deadline of 3rd March.

Could you please forward this to any interested and eligible candidates?

Thank you very much

Best regards

Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen,
Reader in Operational Research
Liverpool Logistics Offshore and Marine Research Institute (LOOM),
Department of Maritime and Mechanical Engineering
Liverpool John Moores University
Phone: +44 151 231 2006

Sender: [log in to unmask]
Subject: Post-doc position on decomposition-based multi-objective
optimization (1+1 year, Lille, France)

Dear all,

A post-doctoral position (1 year, conditionally renewable) is
available at the University of Lille - CRIStAL (UMR CNRS 9189) / Inria
Lille, France.

The recruited postdoctoral researcher will be involved in the ANR
project "BigMO" (, a bilateral
international project between France and Hong Kong.

The aim is to foster the next generation of multi-objective
optimizers, to contribute to the design of advanced and effective
algorithms attacking big multi-objective optimization problems, and to
set up an innovative and solid fundamental understanding of their
characteristics. The research topics are tightly related to the
large-scale, expensive, and heterogeneous nature of nowadays complex
optimization problems, and to the increasing availability of
large-scale parallel computing facilities. The general objective is to
investigate the foundations of novel algorithms based on the concept
of decomposition, with the goal of designing autonomous
multi-objective optimization algorithms leveraging techniques from
evolutionary computing and machine learning, and exploiting the
computing power offered by modern parallel platforms.

This research project will give the postdoctoral researcher the
opportunity to join the CRIStAL research center at the University of
Lille, and the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center in France,
and to work in close collaboration with the international partner at
City University in Hong Kong, in particular Qingfu Zhang.

We are looking for an excellent and motivated candidate with a solid
background on programming and algorithms in general, and an experience
with optimization, machine learning and/or parallel computing. Only
candidates with excellent communication skills and abilities to work
within an international research environment will be retained.

The deadline for application is March 31, 2019.

Interested candidates should send a CV, a motivation letter, and
recommendation letters to Bilel Derbel ([log in to unmask])
and Arnaud Liefooghe ([log in to unmask]). Feel free to
get in touch with us for any additional information.

Best regards,
Bilel Derbel and Arnaud Liefooghe

Sender: Mary Katherine Heinrich <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: CfP SOCO 2019 - 3rd Int. Workshop on Self-Organised
Construction, IEEE FAS*

Are you working on construction or self-assembly, for example, with
robots, cyber-physical systems, agents, or social insects? The SOCO
workshop focuses on self-organizing strategies to build architecture
and structures.

3rd International Workshop on Self-Organised Construction (SOCO)
(Int. Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self-* Systems of
the SASO and ICAC conferences, FAS*)

Umea, Sweden, June 17, 2019

- Important Deadlines -

    • Submission deadline: March 3, 2019
    • Acceptance notification: April 1, 2019

- Summary -

SOCO is on self-organised construction and we want to cumulate,
present, discuss, and advance new research results from theory and
practice as well as novel scientific concepts and methodologies.
Originally inspired by nest construction in social insects, the
general concept relies on a large number of agents that coordinate
their construction efforts by prompting and reacting to local stimuli.
Recently, with the wake of robotic swarms and novel material
processing approaches, including for instance 3D printing techniques
and innovative deployment of carbon fibres, self-organising
construction is quickly gaining tremendous transformative significance
in the context of various design and construction processes. These
include also the construction, extension, and renovation of
architectural buildings, engineering design, industrial assembly, and
landscape architecture. Our focus is on the design and management of
self-organising construction from a computational perspective.

Sender: Prof Sun <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: ICNC-FSKD & ICHSA 2019 Submissions Extended 15 March:
Submitting to Scopus/Ei Compendex/ISI 2019/1/27 21:34:34 td8

Dear Colleague,

We cordially invite you to submit a paper to the upcoming 2019 15th
International Conference on Natural Computation, Fuzzy Systems and
Knowledge Discovery (ICNC-FSKD 2019), to be held from 20-22 July 2019
in Kunming, China, co-located with the 5th International Conference on
Harmony Search, Soft Computing and Applications (ICHSA 2019).

ICNC-FSKD is a premier international forum for scientists and
researchers to present the state of the art of data mining and
intelligent methods inspired from nature, particularly biological,
linguistic, and physical systems, with applications to computers,
circuits, systems, control, robotics, communications, and more. This
is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary area in which a wide
range of theory and methodologies are being investigated and developed
to tackle complex and challenging problems. The registration fee of
US-D490 includes proceedings, lunches, dinners, banquet, coffee
breaks, and all technical sessions.

For more information, visit the ICNC-FSKD & ICHSA 2019 web page:

If you have any questions after visiting the conference web page,
please email the secretariat at
[log in to unmask]

Sender: Nadarajen Veerapen <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: CfP: 4th Workshop on Landscape-Aware Heuristic Search @GECCO2019

4th Workshop on Landscape-Aware Heuristic Search

Held in conjunction with the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
Conference (GECCO 2019)

Prague, Czech Republic, 13-17 July 2019

Submission opening: 27 February 2019
Submission deadline: 03 April 2019
Notification: 17 April 2019
Camera-ready deadline: 24 April 2019
Workshop date: 13 or 14 July 2019 (TBC)


Fitness landscape analysis and visualisation can provide significant
insights into problem instances and algorithm behaviour. The aim of the
workshop is to encourage and promote the use of landscape analysis to
improve the understanding, the design and, eventually, the performance
of search algorithms. Examples include landscape analysis as a tool to
inform the design of algorithms, landscape metrics for online adaptation
of search strategies, mining landscape information to predict instance
hardness and algorithm runtime.

Sender: Andrew M Sutton <[log in to unmask]>
Subject: [GECCO 2019] Call For Entries for 16th Annual (2019) "Humies" Awards

     Call For Entries
             for 16th Annual (2019) "Humies" Awards
                for Human-Competitive Results
   Produced by Genetic and Evolutionary Computation

                      To Be Held at
   Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO)
        July 13th-17th, 2019 (Saturday - Wednesday)
                     in Prague, Czech Republic

Entries are hereby solicited for awards totaling $10,000 for
human-competitive results that have been produced by any
form of genetic and evolutionary computation (including, but not limited
to genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolution
strategies, evolutionary programming, learning classifier systems,
grammatical evolution, gene expression programming, differential
evolution, etc.) and that have been published in the open literature
between the deadline for the previous competition and the deadline for
the current competition.

The competition will be held as part of the Genetic and
Evolutionary Computation (GECCO) conference operated by the
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest
Group (SIG) on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation (SIGEVO).
Entries chosen to be finalists will be made at the conference.
The winners of the awards will be announced during
the conference.

* Wednesday June 5, 2019 - Deadline for entries (consisting of
one TEXT file, PDF files for one or more papers, and possible "in press"
documentation (explained below). Please send entries to
goodman at msu dot edu

* Wednesday June 19, 2019 - Finalists will be notified by e-mail

* Wednesday July 3, 2019 - Finalists must submit their presentation
(e.g., PowerPoint, PDF) for posting on the competition's web site.
Send presentations to goodman at msu dot edu

* July 13-17, 2019 (Saturday-Wednesday) - GECCO conference

* TENTATIVE Monday July 15, 2019 - Presentations before judging
committee at public session of the GECCO conference. Finalists should
make a point of double-checking the time and date in the conference's
final schedule.

* TENTATIVE Wednesday 17, 2019 - Announcement of awards at
plenary session of the GECCO conference

Additional information is at


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 End of Evolutionary Computation Digest

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