November 2018


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Ana Lopez <[log in to unmask]>
Thu, 1 Nov 2018 15:01:26 +0000
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List of Announcements (details below):
In Brief
VSE in the News
Upcoming Events
Research Awards

In Brief

To foster awareness of current IT security issues, Information Technology Services publishes a monthly newsletter on topics of interest to a general audience. The June newsletter is at http://itsecurity.gmu.edu/SecurityLiaisons/upload/OCTNWL.pdf.

This month’s newsletter is about common mistakes when using email.

Please contact Jonathan Goldman, the VSE Security Liaison, if you have any questions.

VSE in the News

News stories about VSE that have been posted:

Beyond Mason

·         San Francisco Gate: Mason’s Kenneth Ball (Volgenau) is mentioned for being an leading expert to present at the 2018 Capital Cybersecurity Summit.<https://secure-web.cisco.com/17-HQvstijdG8ATowJh7NPg-HYGmNU9pLkWgLzQsuSXatEeTvPw1WKEClQs3q6S02hrdTZE1gjr1z2iyVenK01JaO0fP7GP7GrboEETfTfkZpsyGLXBmbMPo6uL3zXeltTcq8AvCso3tMISlK6F-NBEBcyZXeRdiyOx1sx_JxbB5qmtlVTVOvwH7HrwAl4R2olgDddc9o2vjnx8YQSIRiiFHY8ReA9s4ps6LgIod8La-iOowcIkBoZjWCQws0FKDyUBB8RcUvKpImgJhYLr9ZxIl_TDC_CWIrO5zxKxnyAbhswbfoIZzyM9aZKbkbydzrNf0c4wNOOeTVMHPFZNNGrBopjWDv73DvpnglcMLMJIKLeGr2f63h3BzLDJouGGO5rzh882fFAbnGglwFWhOnZzweDoSd77MM8HG-j2ByLyVM3Yu82RYGKLbQzflV6mjS/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.sfgate.com%2Fbusiness%2Fpress-releases%2Farticle%2F25-Top-Cybersecurity-Experts-to-Present-at-2018-13333150.php>

·         Washington Business Journal: Mason President Ángel Cabrera comments on innovation training at universities. Mason’s Sean Mallon and student Wonsik Park also comment in the story.<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1cQtvVqoH1JkWJSE_0o7P7g9QH43qrC17_bTYzOfZbFwtz85l4xS6ERytka5WkxvVj19t06suxzfzVN4HbYLoPm_ROx8ORNsvtmKRdDuHXP3rUO4EZB1d5rTZrw5_NxuIMEwTV-kPLbtSiS0sIu8LWYxRuga7tnAmVc8tMcT5ErdgVPFWHj_-DNMiImY7seIqjlXwrWAvPUAiZitNEpDMI3Irs0JIbuKXlit1xh-dtHvwk3OPi5viowuoeJ3gKtoydnyNOBQEEis5ILtkcwAv_SBkJ01WAmeqwvKkhKvhHiy_MVl1YHNNtrE_iomlAaq3nzZ3XWc-kLOCzXc8ktGInxfkNSV6rr-vK32X8gy1Tp57PHsxVxxSysQvXPULJd_Xt2fNjaqVO8Hf7RmD4fEvZRPSHXWHVdHGUNIN3U1miqVkM_rICCO9qTr37ZpcqPwFHds_nXz1gF__nbGx_OwqlA/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.bizjournals.com%2Fwashington%2Fnews%2F2018%2F10%2F25%2Fjonathan-aberman-can-you-teach-people-be.html>

·         Chesapeake Bay Magazine: Mason research on the shrinking shoreline of Deal Island is mentioned. Mason students Ali Rezaie and Juan Garzon are mentioned.<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1z3IfoLLBHBKrgHJNrJHStd0YeC7MBAjGhAty0o9wPXZRzsLdCjcdEESqQOBTQDPpRmvr3AQ-2HgmvbJ3s2VvCekmoxi7_uvBshcvyKaerzhL5D7uHzb3o9GBomRdFpyLbuujUv9ovXkCdvtj7FI6D2RkNVNOUAEgSfIB3fr1TfS3p9NmQ52IleeBUszS6G0wLEe3_m-XpovlnGDiFZZTpddU-BuqgfUJyedFKMNGkiZeWJKz1dpXheZdIEyHrXN5X6DFUnGZicaC8B2dA0TatoT05hWQkLQL5TcVd_30vD-pbbU8-sYJPULEauf520gEy-0hF3yqGYfZihtKZhpt0gOdjiS0zdmtc6f3eomKHhP0dJwcHT3V8glbF9QEwL4udNzv08TGqpvfGmCD4MqNfh1xaiS8DNvsentooiu6_aQBa9Ym1xfF4hSyRym-d5UaBMBkkMS0depweUaLMHzCXpNI5gvyR0i9vgkjPfpsTwk/https%3A%2F%2Fwww.chesapeakebaymagazine.com%2Fbaybulletin%2F2018%2F10%2F29%2Fstudy-will-restoration-of-deal-islands-lost-dunes-halt-flooding>

On the Mason News Page (https://www2.gmu.edu/news)

·         Research that helps teachers get with the (computer) program.<https://www2.gmu.edu/news/572371> Jeff Ouffett professor of software engineering is part of a three-year, $1 million study, funded by a National Science Foundation grant, that is exploring the best ways to train teachers to translate the standards into student outcomes.

On the Volgenau News Page (https://volgenau.gmu.edu/news/latest-news)

·         Civil engineering PhD student reviews data to uncover causes of accidents on construction sites<https://volgenau.gmu.edu/news/572311>. As Pouya Gholizadeh is reviewing federal government data to determine the causes of accidents and fatalities on construction sites.

·         National Science Foundation funds Mason data analytics summer program<https://volgenau.gmu.edu/news/572501>.

Undergraduates who want to learn how to glean research insights from data should apply for a 10-week, all-expense-paid summer 2019 program at Mason.

Photo of the Week
Pouya Gholizadeh, a PhD student in civil engineering, is reviewing federal government data to determine the causes of construction accidents and fatalities. Photo by Ron Aira


If you have suggestions for other stories, please submit them to Martha Bushong, [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.


Up-coming Events

Whether you're looking for a specific event or browsing, our calendar lets you know what’s happening at the school. Here is a sample of what’s coming in the next several weeks. For more information visit our calendar<https://volgenau.gmu.edu/events#/?i=1> on the web. From this page, you can share the event on social media, get updates, forward to friends, or save it to your own calendar.

November 2 – CASBBI, 1:00 pm. ENGR 4705. The Center for Adaptive Systems for Brain-Body Interactions (CASBBI), led by Siddhartha Sikdar (bioengineering), Jim Thompson (psychology), and Lynn Gerber (health administration and policy), has been selected for base funding by a team led by the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President S. David Wu. This group will meet weekly and present seminars.

November 2 ­­– Promotion and Tenure Presentation for Dr. Qi Wei, 3:00 pm.
Merten Hall, 1202, Meeting Room, Fairfax Campus. Presentation by Dr. Qi Wei for her promotion and tenure open to faculty and staff.

November 5 ­– VSE Visit Day, begins at 10 am. Johnson Center Dewberry Hall.

November 6 – LIS/DA meeting, 12:30 pm. Research Hall 91, Fairfax Campus
Discuss and share modeling issues and research findings.

November 12–16 ­– Global Engineering Dean’s Council Peace Engineering, Albuquerque, New Mexico. More information.<https://secure-web.cisco.com/1UefykXno9V-vh-pyUBqXnXjrgbt3DO712oJYGl_Aq0_KSQlCjfg-smcQu0bzI21DuDa1PVTYEWitZ7KB0rstiSkjRtz8w0T7qqglp24ZjY1jFayjKNrFdi4rvsb9RlaYb5otgJxiWTX9G4Y_LyiXpMxlFMzCPTkto0PRuo4psnKSPghAiAxYbOOcQTLGLrvemAfYTsQvm1r0RYr9D22uon1fp_IDGZem1GkC2dyutO_-EvccGlMz_GZqXTgKOu38r-KzGPSUnY1Tif0caIUCK_SuChXoRIgziQyvfEfnZvc2-o7BPwqCRHaBIYxO-oxhPwFGnZ1Tp6Cgy__6sJWeliz-acaZ04fmJuVpp1njez4F82GLXjytMlbkxJYswjLZQ2MBbH06RVZf0gAO9kAxsyO66UNB7FVcXkGZ3amddtk2kR7enPZMazY120PqyL47ypBYkCjQ7i9g3crZXEn7QA/https%3A%2F%2Fweef-gedc2018.org%2F>

For information about getting your event posted visit: https://volgenau.gmu.edu/events


Research News

Elise Miller-Hooks of the Sid and Reva Dewberry Department of Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering was awarded $150,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Martha Bushong
Director of Communication & External Affairs Volgenau School of Engineering
4400 University Drive, MS 5C8
Fairfax, Virginia  22030
website: engineering.gmu.edu
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