CEC Adjuncts Super List



CEC-ADJUNCTS-L An announce-only list template. This type of list is used for many different kinds of things: product announcements, system maintenance messages, electronic newsletters, and so forth. The list is set up so that only people who are defined as Editors may post to it. Responses to list mail are transferred to the primary list editor. An editor who is posting to the list must validate his posting via the "OK" method (in order to defeat spoofers and broken mail servers that "reflect" postings back to the list). See Chapter 2.13.6 in the LISTSERV List Owner's Manual for details. For large lists, you will want to review the impact of the passive probing frequency on your system. The proposed value, 10, leads to roughly 1/10 = 10% of passive probes per posting, assuming that the list is used infrequently (not more than once a day). With LSMTP version 1.1b or higher, this usually represents a good compromise between the additional bandwidth and resources required for individually customizing the 10% of probe messages, and the overhead for processing bounces for bad addresses that cannot always be detected without using a probe. With older versions of LSMTP, you may want to increase the probing interval to 20 (1/20 = 5% of probes per posting). Remember that sendmail cannot be used for passive probing without modifications (the messages will be delivered, but the bounces will never be passed back to LISTSERV). Super List of all adjunct faculty of the Volgenau School Of Engineering
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